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Choosing a hot water heater that exactly fits your needs is important to your quality of life. Efficiency, fuel type, tank size, recovery rate and available installation space all must be considered. The size of your family and utilities greatly influences your requirements. The knowledgeable professionals from Restivo’s will help you with information, recommendations and service. We install top quality hot water heaters, and offer superior workmanship and solutions that withstand the test of time. We provide coverage to all of Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts.

A properly sized water heater will satisfy your household’s needs, while also conserving energy. You don’t want to simply buy the biggest tank, since it will cost more to both purchase and operate. Standby energy losses will result in higher utility bills for the life of the heater. The size of the storage water heater depends on the hourly rating, tank capacity, and source of heat and size of the burner or element. The Restivo’s technicians have the training, experience and tools to make installation simple, eliminating complications and providing dependable operation.

Tankless or instantaneous hot water heaters are gaining popularity due to unmatched efficiency, superior lifespans, and the no-wait time for hot water. Since there is no need to continuously heat water in a stored tank, you’ll save as much as 20% on your hot water bill. The benefits of having a water heater installed are amazing!

Hot water should never be a worry. It’s both a necessity and a luxury, seeing you through the cold New England winters, starting your day off right, and washing your clothes and your dishes. We specialize in hot water heaters and provide prompt, reliable and affordable service, delivering the most efficient and trustworthy solutions to your hot water needs. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate.



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