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Having a service contract gives our customers reassurance that they have someone to call right away if there is a problem with their system. We offer two levels of contracts: Regular Contracts and VIP Contracts. Both contracts include 1 maintenance appointment per year. You can choose to have just one system covered (heating, for example) or add a second system onto the contract (for instance air conditioning). Both contracts also require a $75 flat service call fee should you require assistance after hours or on a weekend.


Regular Contracts

Regular Contracts are for equipment that we installed that is 10 years old or newer. They include most parts with a few exceptions, and also include labor. Customers with Regular Contracts receive priority service so if they are experiencing an issue, we will go out to them either right away or within 24 hours, depending on the type of issue and whether it is an emergency.  It also includes an annual maintenance appointment on their system to ensure the system is running error-free at the highest efficiency possible, and to prevent any issues. Pricing begins at $275 for one system, and goes up depending on the number of systems (heating/air conditioning) and the number of units (including ductless) that you have.


VIP Contracts

VIP Contracts are meant for customers who own an air conditioning or heating system that is over 10 years old and that we installed. VIP Contracts cover 1 maintenance appointment a year, plus give the customer priority scheduling in the event of an issue with their system. It does not cover parts or labor, but does offer 10% off parts that need to be replaced. The cost of VIP Contracts starts at $199/year for coverage of 1 system (heating or air conditioning).

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