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The technicians from Restivo’s will make sure you are aware of the initial assessment options for repair or replacement, and our recommendations as to the most cost-effective plan of action. Your best interest is our priority. As a family-owned and operated business throughout three generations, we value ethical service, fair pricing and take pride in knowing that your new installation will be done right. We offer 24/7 emergency repair to our customers, making sure that we’re here when you need us, and pleased with our work year after year. For repairs that last in the Providence area, call Restivo’s. We bring the highest level of comfort to homeowners throughout Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts. It’s so important to have an HVAC company, like this one here – link, in all areas of the country to ensure that all homeowners can receive vital maintenance and services. However, there are already a significant number of HVAC companies in and around America, so any new and upcoming HVAC companies might find it difficult to get going initially. With some guidance though, new HVAC companies can learn all about becoming successful and making a profit soon. Successful HVAC companies can enjoy high profits if they gain a large customer base. For any smaller HVAC companies, you could navigate to this website to learn about the earnings of a successful HVAC business. That could inspire more businesses to grow, increasing their number of clients.

The efficiency, durability, and performance of your heating and/or cooling system is a direct result of the installation process, as well as the maintenance that follows (be it from or other providers). If corners are cut, improper measurements are taken, or details ignored, you’ll suffer from insufficient airflow, frequent repairs, needlessly high energy bills, and system failure far sooner than necessary. At Restivo’s, we believe any job worth doing is worth doing right. We want to be your HVAC provider for years to come, and we hope you’ll recommend us to your friends and neighbors. Our mission is to keep you perfectly comfortable no matter what the weather brings. You can trust us to make recommendations for a properly sized system based on far more than square footage. Know that our HVAC specialists will factor in hot and colds spots in your home, attics and crawlspaces, windows and doors, ceiling heights, insulation quality, and much more. We’ll inspect your ductwork for condition and proper fit, and take the time to install your heating/cooling system up to code. It’s not only about comfort, but a safety issue as well.

Restivo’s partners with the top names of the heating and cooling industry, installing only those manufacturers and models with a proven record of reliability. We offer an extensive range of products, ensuring the perfect match for your specific sized space, budget and requirements. No matter what challenges your home may present, Restivo’s has a solution to your comfort. We provide financing and will be more than happy to discuss your many options for temperature control, including the most sophisticated and innovative technology available today. Call Restivo’s and get the perfect level of home comfort at the price you deserve.


Whether you need your ductless air conditioner serviced or repaired or if you’d like a new ductless HVAC system installed, make sure to call Restivo’s today. Ductless HVAC systems are perfect for older homes or buildings that don’t have air ducts installed due to hot water heat or any other reason.


Whether you have radiators, baseboard heat or any other type of hot water heating system, the team at Restivo’s has the ability to repair, service, replace or install your boiler and heating system. With many older homes in the Rhode Island area, a team of experts trained specifically in hot water and boiler heating is necessary to have a safe and comfortable home.


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